Perfect Parenting

Dear Parent,

How do you know if you’re getting it right? Everyone knows that parenting is tough, but no one seems to have all the answers.

We all hope that our children “turn out ok.” We hope they stay healthy, grow strong, do well in school, make wise life choices, and succeed in the work force. We want them to make friends and be liked and have fun. We want to see them gain confidence. We want them to be happy.


How can we make absolutely sure that our children will have the very best in life?

If some parent had found a concrete answer to that question, then the world would be full of inadvertently healthy, happy, genius, perfect children. But that’s just not the case. Life is not perfect; we are not perfect. And as beautiful and as seemingly innocent as they might be (sometimes), our children are not perfect, either.

So, unfortunately, the answer to that question is this: we cannot, in any way, make certain of a perfect life for our children. We will, of course, do our very best to make sure our kids are fed, clothed, cared for, schooled, and content. But we cannot guarantee them perfection. Life is imperfect: the result of a messed-up world.

But you know what? Jesus was perfect. Jesus is perfect. And he clothed us with perfection. When Jesus died, our imperfection (sin) died with him. And when he came back to life (take that, death!) he won for us a perfect life: a happy, satisfying, life-with-no-death, perfect life.

Life on this earth is messy. But life in heaven is absolutely perfect, and that life has been gifted to each of us, and to our precious children, by faithful Jesus.

As we parent, we can continue to do our best to provide for our children and help them thrive, knowing that the ultimate life awaits us.

Dear Parent,

Raising children is tough. It brings us joy and it brings frustration, too. Let’s keep working hard to give our very best. Jesus is faithful. Lean on Him. Perfection awaits!